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How to promote on the surfbars


Traffic exchanges can bring great results if you promote an effective splash page on the surf bar. Traffic exchanges are a way to get your web page in front of thousands of online marketers on a continual basis. 99% of people surfing on the exchanges are interested in money making opportunities or ways to advertise their business. If you promote a unique product or service that interests this specific market, there is a potential to get a lot of targeted visitors.

Examples of effective pages to rotate on the surf bar:

A page that lists your affiliate links and money making opportunities. With a little creativity, this can be a highly effective downline builder.

An attention-grabbing page that directs visitors to your mailing list. You could offer a unique product or service that the visitor will receive by subscribing to your list.

A Simple text-based splash page that gives a brief description of what you're promoting, or a message that makes the visitor curious what's on the other side.

Any of these types of pages can be seen as your primary "funnel" page. In other words, a single primary page that directs visitors to your products/services instead of promoting dozens of isolated web pages.

Using your own domain name is highly recommended. Having your own hosting account and domain name will allow more freedom and open up more possibilities with your advertising campaigns.

Having your own domain name will allow you to take advantage of the networking tools that HitLink offers, such as participating in our banner exchange network.

HitLink contains banner codes that can be inserted into your page. When your page receives traffic, you will earn banner credits that are used to display your banners on a growing list of web pages owned by other members.

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