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How to keep your computer safe while surfing

Solution Traffic exchange users need to keep in mind the risks involved while surfing and understand that most threats are easily preventable.

No matter how proactive we are about the site approval process, security threats cannot be 100% prevented from happening if you're not safeguarding your computer. For example, some users will slip in PTP/CPM ads after a site has been approved, or use an approved cloaked url to direct to another site that goes against our terms. Even static webpages can be setup to redirect to a malicious webpage. We have a strict site approval process, but bad sites will occasionally get into the rotation.

Common risks from these types of sites include virus/malware that can deteriorate the performance of your computer if left unprotected.

We can only guarantee that these sites will be removed soon as they are found. While safe surfing is our #1 priority, our members hold equal responsibility for making sure their computer is safe.

It's absolutely essential to have an updated Anti-virus program running on your computer at all times. We also recommend using FireFox as your default browser for all surfing (with pop-up blocker enabled).

Recommended free tools:

Avira Anti-virus (free and premium option)
Spybot Search & Destroy
FireFox Browser
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