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Why was my site rejected/not approved?


Please view our Website Terms before submitting a page.

These are the most common reasons for rejection:

3rd Party Ads/Network ads: The most common offenders are yieldmanager, ad.globe7, and smowtion. These types of ads cause a lot of the disturbances listed below...

Pop-ups: No pop-ups of any kind are allowed on the surf rotation.

Frame-breakers: Any page that attempts to break out of the surfbar frame.

Malware/Virus: If any virus, malware, or harmful code is detected on your page, that domain name will be banned in our system.

Language: Selecting the wrong language during submission results in the site being rejected/deleted.

Adult Content: To keep our rotations family friendly, we don't allow any adult content on the surf rotation.

Not Loading/Errors: If your server is down (or the page is loading too slow), or displays a lot of code errors.

**If you believe your page was wrongfully rejected, or if you corrected the problem on your page: Please re-submit your page to be reviewed again. Send a support ticket if you have questions regarding your page.**

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