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How can I earn CASH with HitLink.


The main way to earn cash on HitLink is through our affiliate program. We pay up to 50% cash commissions on your direct referral. Making our affiliate program highly attractive and profitable for our affiliates.

In addition to affiliate commissions. You can earn via:

- Our weekly jackpot. Our weekly jackpot grows throughout the week and contains cash, credits, and more. The top 25 based on activity points win the weekly jackpot.

- Surf prizes. While you are using the surfbar to surf on HitLink. You'll randomly win prizes. These prizes include cash. The average cash prize is $0.30 per 1000 pages surfed. This can fluctuate a lot as the prizes are random and you have a chance to gamble your prize and triple the original prize.

- Contests, prizes and promotions. From time to time we run them and some of them include cash prizes.

The 3 latter ways earn you smaller amounts and are designed as something fun. The main way to earn cash, and potential high amounts is, like mentioned through our affiliate program.

Inside the members area you will find a Affiliate Toolbox area with tools to help you promote HitLink and generate potential cash. 

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