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Why am I not earning any credits/hits for surfing?


When you are surfing your credits/hits are automatically allocated to your active URLs. They do not accumulate in your account balance, unless you turn auto assign OFF.

If you want your credits to accumulate in your account, rather than being automatically assigned to your sitees, then visit the Manage Credits page and make sure "Auto Assign to URL" is set to OFF. This will add the credits to your account rather than active URLs, so you can manually assign as you wish later on.

Credits earned from referrals, bonuses and purchased credits are always added to your account balance. You allocate these credits as you want by visiting the "Manage Credits" section in the respective members area.

The credits you have in your account balance can be assigned as website hits at a 1:1 ratio*. Or as banner and text ads impressions at higher ratios. The ratio for those are specified in the members area in respective sections, and varies depending on your account type.

You can view the earned/received hits/credits stats for the last 7 days by visiting the "My Websites" section, located on the navigation bar.

* Pages with GEO Targeting enabled have a 2:1 assign ratio.

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