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How long do site approvals take.


The majority of pages are instantly approved after you submit and verify that they are complying with our terms of service.

Upgraded members pages are always instantly approved unless there is a problem with the URL.

Pages of FREE members that aren't approved automatically will be reviewed manually by us. This can take up to 48 hours NOT including weekends and holidays. Unless a approved URL tracking service is used. An example is tracking and rotator URLs from HitsProsper. These URLs are instantly approved at HitLink.

This is to assure a high quality on our surf bar.

When you do submit a page on our sites, it will be checked by our URL checker, a timer will be presented that will count down to zero. Once it hits zero, you need to verify the page complies to our terms of service by clicking Yes. If this is not done, then your page will never be verified. Of course make sure your page actually does comply with the terms before you click Yes, otherwise in serious cases your account can get suspended.

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