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My hit counter isnt detecting traffic


External hit counters and stats analyzers are not always reliable in detecting hits from traffic exchanges.

As an example, if you're using Google Analytics, it's likely that only a small percentage of the hits you receive on the surfbar will be shown in your analytics stats. The reason for this course is how the different stats counters measure hits. Some only show visits that last longer than a minute. Google Analytics has a system like this, other show only unique hits, some rely on sessions/cookies and so on.

Because of the very nature of Traffic Exchanges, any such limitations would display hits incorrectly.

We recommend using HitsConnect, a tracker that was specifically designed for traffic exchanges. You will get the best accurate stats.


We do however try to highly recommend you to set a HPH (credits/hits pr hour) on your URLs. We recommend the value 60. This will enable our hits flow control system and will smothen the website hits delivery rate. The results in most cases will be a much more accurate tracking results if you are using 3rd party trackers.

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