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Do I get compensated for promoting your sites?


We offer compensation in the form of CASH commissions and Traffic (credits) generated by your direct referrals (1st level only) when you bring/refer new members. The rate of compensation varies and depends on your account type.

Cash commissions is rewarded when someone in your direct referrals (1st level only) upgrades, buys credits, or impressions (banner, text ads). You earn up to 50% CASH commissions. On upgrades, and credits and impressions that are on a subscription will reward you reoccuring / residual commissions.

When someone in your direct referrals (1st level only) generates traffic by surfing, using our surfbar you earn 10% of whatever they earn. What they earn depends on their account type.

Both FREE and Upgraded members earn commissions on their direct referrals (1st level only)

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