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URL Rotator - URL Filtering

Solution Our URL rotator has the advanced capability of understanding where it is being promoted. So if you are promoting site A on site A it will filter away that ad. After all advertising site A on A will give you no results other than wasted time, credits and money.

Simple example:

Lets say you add your referral links from the following exchanges to your HitLink.com rotator.

Traffic Exchange A
Traffic Exchange B
Traffic Exchange C

You now go to these traffic exchanges and add your HitLink.com URL rotator for easier url management.

Now under normal circumstances when your page is rotating on these exchanges the rotator would randomly display any of the urls, regardless of where it is being promoted. Thus Traffic Exchange A would be displayed on Traffic Exchange A. Wasting you precious time and money.

All of our Traffic Exchanges have an intelligent URL-rotator that will detect that it is being promoted on Traffic Exchange A. It will then simply skip showing Traffic Exchange A, preventing loss of time and money.
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